Saturday, November 1, 2008

One last Halloween photo!

Mom sent me this photo and I had to share it!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Carter's Halloween

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Pumpkin Hollow!

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blue Steele- Turner Style

My boys really like to ham it up. Jason is a really big Zoolander fan, so its only natural that the Turner boys have their own version of Derek's signature look!

New Foods!

We have been so proud of Carter lately because he has been eating some new foods! His first new love is pizza! Now he can't seem to get enough of it, and at least we can sneak in some veggies on top of it. His second new food is waffles. Carter isn't much of a bread eater, so we were pretty excited about this, too. Now we have another option to oatmeal! The third food that he will now eat is spaghetti. The picture even shows him eating whole wheat spaghetti!

A Few Carterism's

Carter's vocabulary has been exploding lately, so I thought that I would share a couple of funny stories from the past few days.

1. As we were driving home, I asked Carter what he wanted for dinner. "Chicken and fries" (no surprise there). "Chicken and fries, huh? That sounds good." "Yeah...feed Sweetie chicken and fries." "No, no! Carter eats the chicken and fries, not Sweetie." "Chicken and fries, Sweetie." You can guess who ate the bulk of the chicken and fries. Oh, well, at least Sweetie had a good dinner!

2. Everything that he likes is a "good one". If he likes his food "that's a good one, Momma!" And every time a Veggie Tales song starts, he stops what he is doing and says "That's a good song!"

3. Carter is really trying to count now. Last night he was counting his last bites of peach when I heard this: "One, two, three, two, six, seven, eight, thirteen, fourteen, sixteen, nineteen." I guess that he might be ready for that "new math".

There are so many more, but I can't remember them all. I will try to get them up a little quicker next time!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Adalyn's Here!

Adalyn Grace Treadway was born tonight! She is 7 pounds nine ounces and 21" long. She has a head full of black, almost curly, hair, and I think that she looks like her Momma! Ashley is doing well. She looked tired, but very very happy and proud of her new baby girl. As you can see by the photo, Chandler is on cloud nine right now! You can also see (and we could hear) that Adalyn has a good pair of lungs. =)

Sorry I only had one photo, but Adalyn had to eat and then the family came in so we didn't have a lot of chances for photos. Randi got some really good ones when she was born, so check out her blog for some close ups!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Haircut!

Jason cut Carter's hair last Saturday, and it looks great! Carter didn't really enjoy the process, but I think that he appreciated the final product.


Carter has become obsessed with golf. He seemed to really like it when his Uncle Jesse showed him how to hit the ball a few weeks ago, so we bought him a little golf set for his birthday. He loves to hit the ball around in the back yard with his Pa, and he even likes to watch it on TV! The only problem is that he hits everything left handed, so he hits the ball with the back of the driver instead of the front. If anyone finds a left handed kit for little kids, let me know!

Birthday Video

Here is a video of Carter opening his giant piano mat. He really liked it, but I think that Jason and I had as much fun with it as he did.

Carter's Birthday Part 2

Well, it has been crazy over here in Turnerville, so I am just now getting to post all of the fun that Carter has been having lately! First things first, though, I must post about Carter's birthday! He had a great day that started with presents, presents, presents. We couldn't help but pick up Carter a couple more gifts, and he also got to open presents from his Mamaw and Papaw Nichols in KY. We even got to go out to Papaw Mark's for some swimming and golf cart rides! Definitely a terrific day for Carter!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Carter's Birthday Week!

Carter's birthday is July 26th, but we have been celebrating all week!!! We started out by letting him open up the presents from the Mamaws in Florida, which was really fun because he hadn't opened up any presents since Christmas. He is still a little tentative, but I think that he is getting used to it. I loved all of the clothes (especially the pajamas), but he preferred the fire truck!

Saturday afternoon we had Carter's birthday party! We had it a week early because our church's VBS is next week, so we didn't want to interrupt any decorating plans for next weekend. We ended up having 38 people at the party, so I guess it was a good plan. We set up a slip and slide (thank you Cheatham's), a wriggle sprinkler, and a little pool with a slide and a palm tree sprinkler. Carter had a great time running from one water toy to the next, and I think that all of the kids had a good time, too. After cake and ice cream, Carter had some help opening up his presents from his dad and all of his friends. He got so many great toys- now where do we put them? Honestly, we feel very blessed that everyone came out to wish Carter a great birthday! Thank you so much!

After the party, we went to Firehouse Subs for dinner. Carter was so tired at 6:30 that he fell asleep in the car, slept through dinner, the ride home, and through the night until 6:00 the next morning. I guess he just played himself out!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Papaw Mark's!

Carter has been talking about "Pop Mark's" all week, so we promised him that we would try to see him this weekend. We got to go out to his house this afternoon, and Carter had a ball!

First, we went to feed the baby deer Sweet Pea. Carter loved walking throught the forest to find her, but I don't think that he really knew what to do with her. She was the cutest thing! Second, Carter got to ride with his Papaw Mark on the golf cart to go see the fish and the ducks down at the pond. Carter LOVES to ride on anything, so today was probably his best day ever. He got to ride on the golf cart, the 4 wheeler, the lawn mower, and the big tractor! The last thing Carter did was learn how to golf from his Uncle Jesse. Jesse is just learning how to play, so he brought out his clubs to show us his swing. Carter thought that it was pretty cool, especially when Jesse took the time to show Carter how to hit a few!

Carter fell asleep on the way home- I think that he just played himself out!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Carter & Emily

Two weeks ago, Carter got to spend the week with our friend Emily while Miss Lanae was on vacation. They had such a good time, and Emily was kind enough to bring her awesome camera and take some great pictures of the boy! She even taught him how to say "Allison Krauss". Now that is a good babysitter.

Honestly, we really appreciate Emily watching Carter for us for the week- she is a good friend and we know that when Carter is with her, he is in great hands!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jesse is famous!

Carter's youngest uncle, Jesse, went down to Louisiana last December to be an extra in a movie called The Longshots. When Jason and I went to the movies today to watch Get Smart, we saw a preview to it and Jesse was in it! The link to the movie's website is and he is the blond boy in the cafeteria scene. Next stop, Hollywood!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Father's Day 2008

I know this is a week late, but it has been a crazy week! Jason had a great Father's Day (and Carter had a good time, too)! We went out to Mark's and Sheila's to celebrate the day, so we got to swim and ride golf carts and 4-wheelers. Definitely a very manly day.

The pictures above show Carter with his cousins Carson, Claire, and Zane. They are really great kids, and we can't wait to move out to Hwy 351 so that we can see them more. Carter is really lucky to have so many cousins!

Carter and I are so blessed to have Jason as a father and husband. He really does a great job! And to all of the grandfathers out there, thank you so much for being the best Grandpas and Papaws a boy could have!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Carter's and Jason's New Rides

This has been a big weekend here at the Turner house! When Carter and I got home yesterday, there was a huge box waiting for him in the carport. His grandfather from KY had sent him a 4-wheeler! After spending 30 minutes trying to open the box and cleaning up 2 lawn and leaf bags full of shredded paper ( thanks, Dad), we were finally ready to start playing with his new toy. When we took it outside he wouldn't ride it, but he did have a lot of fun pushing and pulling it around the yard. When Jason got it out this morning, Carter took to it even more! He rode it in the house while we were getting ready and had a great time. I think that he will be riding it quite a bit this summer.

Today Jason also got a new ride! He bought a new road bike to ride for exercise and to ride to work and back. He has been riding some for the last month or so, but it has been on a mountain bike and he really wanted to get a road bike because it is more similar in exercise to running. He bought it at one of the local bike shops, and he is very excited to get it out in the morning.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Mamaws Were Here!

For those of you who didn't know, my grandmothers Bonnie Newman and Garnet Witten came to visit us last week! We had a great time, and it was wonderful to get to spend the time with them. Carter warmed up to them as soon as they got here, and he learned their names very quickly. I call them Mamaw B and Mamaw G, so he called them "B" and "G".

The Mamaws cooked for us 3 times while they were here! We definitley enjoyed that (although Carter stuck to his diet of mostly cucumbers and tomatos). We also took them out to the land where we are going to build, and Mom took them to Mtn. View. The last day they were here, Jason grilled out for them, which was just a small payback for all of the cooking they had done for us!

We all really enjoyed the visit- can't wait to see them again!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Adventures in Russellville

Yesterday we took Carter to Russellville so that we could visit my friend Lisa, her husband Chris, and their three kids Hannah, Madelyn, and Caleb. They live on 20 acres with 6 pygmy goats, 25 chickens, a dog, and a cat. Needless to say, we all had a great time! We were able to feed the goats, and when they went across the street, we saw the Border Collie round the goats back to their pen. After Madelyn's nap, we went to Mount Nebo to see the beautiful views and let the kids play in the park. We even had a chance to see hang gliders fly around the mountain!
Unfortunately, Carter wasn't too happy with the sleeping arrangements, so our overnight trip turned out to be a day trip! After trying unsuccessfully to get Carter to bed, we left Russellville around 11:00, and we got home around 2:30. Thank goodness for Red Bull, Mountain Dew, and candy!

All in all, it was a great trip and we really appreciate Lisa and Chris for hosting such a fun day!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Giant Pumpkin Contest, Part 1

Jason is participating in a contest with his dad and brothers on who can grow the largest giant pumpkin. We picked up seeds the other day, and they advertised a crop of a 400-500 pound pumpkin. Carter loved watching his dad play in the dirt, but his favorite part was the water hose. When Jason started watering his seeds, Carter walked straight into the spray. He loved it! I think that we will have to pick up a sprinkler this summer.

After we had some fun with water, Carter insisted on going on a ride. He LOVES to ride on our lawn mower, so Jason took him for a ride around the yard. I hope he still enjoys riding on it when he is old enough to mow the lawn!

Happy 30th to Me!

Jason took me to the Memphis Botanic Garden on Saturday to celebrate my 30th birthday! We had such a good time, and we saw some beautiful flowers. The Japanese Garden was especially beautiful. They had a huge Koi pond where the fish followed us around looking for food. I don't think that I have ever seen so many that were so large! I hope that we can go back in the fall with Carter so that we can see the fall foliage.

On my birthday, we went over to Mom's. She made some great lasagna! We also got to eat Courtney cake, which was good as always. Carter and I received dog "Life is Good" t-shirts from Jason, which I love! You can't be in a bad mood when you look in the mirror and your even your shirt is optimistic!