Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Adalyn's Here!

Adalyn Grace Treadway was born tonight! She is 7 pounds nine ounces and 21" long. She has a head full of black, almost curly, hair, and I think that she looks like her Momma! Ashley is doing well. She looked tired, but very very happy and proud of her new baby girl. As you can see by the photo, Chandler is on cloud nine right now! You can also see (and we could hear) that Adalyn has a good pair of lungs. =)

Sorry I only had one photo, but Adalyn had to eat and then the family came in so we didn't have a lot of chances for photos. Randi got some really good ones when she was born, so check out her blog for some close ups!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Haircut!

Jason cut Carter's hair last Saturday, and it looks great! Carter didn't really enjoy the process, but I think that he appreciated the final product.


Carter has become obsessed with golf. He seemed to really like it when his Uncle Jesse showed him how to hit the ball a few weeks ago, so we bought him a little golf set for his birthday. He loves to hit the ball around in the back yard with his Pa, and he even likes to watch it on TV! The only problem is that he hits everything left handed, so he hits the ball with the back of the driver instead of the front. If anyone finds a left handed kit for little kids, let me know!

Birthday Video

Here is a video of Carter opening his giant piano mat. He really liked it, but I think that Jason and I had as much fun with it as he did.

Carter's Birthday Part 2

Well, it has been crazy over here in Turnerville, so I am just now getting to post all of the fun that Carter has been having lately! First things first, though, I must post about Carter's birthday! He had a great day that started with presents, presents, presents. We couldn't help but pick up Carter a couple more gifts, and he also got to open presents from his Mamaw and Papaw Nichols in KY. We even got to go out to Papaw Mark's for some swimming and golf cart rides! Definitely a terrific day for Carter!